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Holistic Health Institute

Since being founded in 2011, the Holistic Health Institute (HHI) has been dedicated to researching and optimising health and wellness programs. We have devised a program that is accessible, achievable and most importantly sustainable. 

The word ‘holistic’ describes the foundation of our approach, but it’s not just about considering all angles – it’s about taking the most effective evidence-based wellness data across a broad range of modalities and delivering it to our clients in bite-sized chunks, removing all the guesswork.

Our story

HHI is the result of many years of dedicated research and government recognition, beginning with Dr Ron Ehrlich’s clinic-developed model of health care.

30 years of clinical practice

Dr. Ron Ehrlich has 30 years of clinical practice experience dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pain, something which affects up to 40% of the population, often as a result of daily stressors. During this clinical practice, he came to develop a model of health care focused on understanding stress.

Through implementing this model and helping patients build resilience, Dr. Ron experienced first-hand how it was capable of significantly improving everybody’s health, whether they were in pain or not.

Our timeline


Foundation of HHI

In 2011, HHI was founded by Dr Ron Ehrlich with the aim to further his research into stress and health, and deliver wellness programs to a broader community.


R&D Grant

Dr. Ron and HHI were awarded an Australian Government Research and Development Grant to develop a health assessment tool built on the five pillars of health; Sleep, Breathe, Nourish, Movement and Thought. This involved developing an innovative algorithm to assess people’s progress.


Developing resources

Via Dr Ron’s podcast platform, his team has recorded over 300 interviews since 2013. In 2016, the podcast was renamed Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich.


Clinical practice and research into the five stressors and five pillars resulted in the publication of a comprehensive wellness book, A Life Less Stressed: The five pillars of health and wellness.


Our current program is the result of 40 years of clinical practice and research. It entails an understanding of the stresses in life which have the potential to compromise our health; using the five pillars of health to build resilience; pivoting on our genes and understanding how our genes express themselves via the field of epigenetics.


The clinical advisory board is a collection of incredible health practitioners and experts, each with many years of clinical experience & knowledge. As a part of the advisory board, they integrate their wealth of expertise into every facet of the online health programs.

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