Busy people need streamlined
wellness programs

Meet your personal ‘wellness secretary’

Think of Holistic Health Institute like a wellness secretary to personally assist every employee – once you decide to prioritise your team’s health, our program steps in to assist every employee, allowing the advice to be seamlessly incorporated into busy schedules.

Self-paced, personalised solutions

HHI’s corporate program is designed to move at a pace that suits every individual’s schedule and learning preferences. We present engaging content in both video and text format – allowing you to customise your interaction.

Online delivery via our health platform

HHI consolidates all facets of wellness into one handy platform, delivering the most effective health advice into the palm of your hand. Benefit from the guidance of highly experienced practitioners and user-friendly learning modules

Educational design

Our online health courses and programs are designed by an adult education expert.


We include gamification, quizzes and assessments that enhance the learning process.

Community Learning

Create online participants to discuss communities for your course material.

Multi-Modal Delivery

Course content is delivered in a variety of formats for individual preferences.

Self-paced Learning

All content can be available to cater for requirements. individual learning

Tools to stay motivated

Resources & references to compliment our health programs and course content.

Simple, proven  & effective

Holistic Health Institute focuses on simple strategies to build a life less stressed.

We define stress as anything that compromises immune function and promotes chronic inflammation, the common feature of all diseases.

Developed by Dr Ron Ehrlich in consultation with leading experts, our program describes the five major sources of stress, as well as the five major categories to focus on to improve our health and wellbeing.

Find out more about our unique
Five Pillars of Health

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