Corporate Health Programs

How can our unique wellness program optimise your business

Investing in health and wellbeing sends a strong message to your team.

Our health programs are specifically tailored to help your staff build resilience against the daily stressors that affect their health and happiness. Through clear and science-backed information, your team will be empowered to take control of their own wellbeing.

Happy, healthy staff will be primed to experience greater levels of focus, productivity and overall satisfaction.


Evidence-based lifestyle changes
Easy online delivery - minimal effort
Significant health benefits
Tools required to stay motivated & engaged
Small evidence-based lifestyle changes
Easy online delivery - minimal effort


Significant health benefits
Tools required to stay motivated & engaged

Reducing the stress load of your team is a key component of staff retention

According to a recent workplace survey, 73 per cent of workers are stressed about work.

The survey also shows that stressed workers are 2½ times more likely to look for a new job in the next year than those who are not stressed.

2016 Snapshot of the Australia Workforce, Dr Lindsay McMillan, OAM

Our busy lives are not the only culprit

Understanding stress is a key component of HHI’s program. Once we understand the different sources of stress, we can see that so much of our stress comes from our daily habits, not just our busy work lives.

Understanding where stress comes from empowers us to make simple lifestyle changes, freeing up more energy to excel in our chosen pursuits.

HHI’s program makes it possible to live a life less stressed while continuing your busy schedule.

Optimise your company

Optimal health benefits every facet of our working lives - from improved concentration, effectiveness and team satisfaction. HHI’s program encourages staff retention, productivity and engagement at every level of your business A company that is focused on the health of its team is a company that is setting itself up for success.

What we offer

We are passionate about streamlining health & wellness through our mobile app, and our online self-paced programs.

How does our wellness program work?

Create your own pathway to health

HHI offers the option to create your own pathway within our wellness program, depending on your personal goals and desired pace.


Begin with our foundational Sleep and Breathe Modules – these provide the groundwork to align yourself to a lifestyle of health and wellness. 


From there, choose your own pathway through Nourish, Movement or Thought – to minimise the stress in all facets of your life.

Our program consists of:

Keynotes & F2F presentations
Individual health & nutritional consults
Annual planner, to thrive throughout the year
Online Corporate Wellness Programs
Regular Live Webinars, Q&As
Mobile app

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