The Five Pillars & The Five Stressors

Health programs tailored to your team

Overseen by an expert in adult online education, in addition to leading health professionals, our programs are specifically tailored to support your team’s individual learning styles.

Commit to as little as 5 minutes a day
Choose how you read or interact with content
Move at your own pace
Build life-long habits for optimal productivity

Effortless integration

With achievable goals and sustainable learning models, your employees will have no trouble putting our Five Pillars into practice.

Self-paced commitment

Our program is designed to adapt to all schedules and time commitments. With as little as 5 minutes a day, your staff can be on their way to seeing significant health improvements.

The five stressors & the five pillars of health

Developed by Dr Ron Ehrlich in consultation with leading experts, our program describes the five major sources of stress, as well as the five major categories to focus on to improve our health and wellbeing.

The five stressors

The Five Stressors are Emotional, Nutritional, Environmental, Dental and Postural.

Within our program, your team will be guided through these categories to demonstrate how these stressors have such a negative effect on health and productivity.

The five pillars of health

The Five Pillars are Sleep, Breathe, Nourish, Movement and Thought

Guided by our user-friendly online platform, your team will gradually implement small and significant changes, until they become part of a daily routine.

Making these small changes can create significant improvements

in focus, energy level and overall health.

Habits, not fads

Holistic Health Institute formulates sustainable programs that focus on building lifelong habits. Our science-backed approach ensures we only deliver proven strategies for optimising wellness.

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