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HHI’s Unstress program is a comprehensive guide for taking control of your health, backed by science and many years of clinical experience.

This online program is made up of five individual courses covering each of the five pillars of health; sleep, breathe, nourish, movement and thought, as well as the vital ways that each pillar interacts with the others.

Your staff will learn simple and highly effective ways to adapt their lifestyles for optimal success.


A consistently good night’s sleep is your body’s built-in, life-support system giving you the physical, mental and emotional resilience to deal with the stresses of our modern world.


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the common causes of poor sleep
  • Understand why sleep is so important
  • Discover what defines a good night’s sleep
  • Learn simple strategies to address the barriers to a good night’s sleep
  • Learn how to implement these strategies for a consistently good night’s sleep


Breathing is something we tend to give very little thought to but it has a PROFOUND impact on our health. Learn how to breathe well throughout the day and during sleep.


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about the importance of diaphragmatic nasal breathing
  • Discover a technique to unblock your nose
  • Learn how to combat mouth breathing through breathing retraining exercises
  • Learn how to engage in nasal breathing whilst asleep

By understanding the problems and benefits of different breathing styles, you’ll be motivated to put these techniques into practice.


Do you find nutritional advice confusing? In this module learn some guiding principles for eating, how to eat, what to eat and what to avoid.


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn why health messages, and specifically nutritional information, is so confusing
  • Learn some guiding principles for eating well
  • Learn how to use a tool for tracking your diet
  • Learn how to eat, what to eat and what to avoid
  • Discover some simple ways to change the way you eat permanently, as opposed to starting an unsustainable diet
  • Learn about the importance of regenerative agriculture and what it means for your food choices


Building movement into your day is the simplest, cheapest and most accessible way of improving your physical and mental health.


Learning outcomes:

  • Redefine movement – learn how we should or shouldn’t move our bodies throughout the day and night
  • Learn why exercise is important and how to increase your incidental movement throughout the day
  • Discover the connection between exercise and your metabolism
  • Learn how to move your body functionally
  • Learn some simple foundational movements that will help you build strength
  • Learn a 15 minute daily routine you can do at home to start your day


Awareness of how you think and understanding how those thoughts may be affecting your wellbeing is an important aspect of your health in our busy world.


Learning outcomes:

  • Discover how to audit your time and engage your parasympathetic nervous system
  • An introduction to mindfulness and meditation
  • Learn about stress & anxiety and their effect on your body and mind
  • Discover a simple way to practice of gratitude
  • Learn the vital connection between this pillar and all of the other pillars of health

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